Raising Children While Being a Full-Time Student


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Raising Children While Being a Full-Time Student
One of the greatest blessings that life gives parents is children, but with the blessing comes responsibility. Life would be easier if two parents were involved in the lives of all children, but unfortunately divorce is often involved in the lives of many American children. In my case, I am a single mother with two children, ages one, Blake, and four, Cason. One of the greatest challenges a single parent, like myself, can face is deciding to go to college with children, because the various challenges, experiences, and difficulties that arise will amaze the parent and the professors. In reality, being a single parent has three difficulties: the problem of maintaining a home, working a job,...
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.....dy and do assignments. I am always trying to find time to study for tests so that I am prepared, but life as a college student is simply not as easy as it sounds when two children are involved.
Would I change my position as a single mother with two children going to college, the answer is negative. I love my life even though it is difficult. I find time to work, have fun with my children, and study for my classes. I find time to meet the challenges that fill my life because college is important for my future. In order for me to be the best mother for my children and in order for me to meet my goals, college is an important part of my life and one that will be part of my future for the next few years. I definitely plan to meet the challenge.