Racism in Timothy B. Tyson’s “Blood Done Sign My Name”


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The beginning:
Racism in Timothy B. Tyson's "Blood Done Sign My Name"
What did you get out of it? What I got out of the book is that racism is a social entity that exists in every one of us no matter how adamant we are that we are not racist. Societal conditioning is so subtle in regards to racism that it is only human for people to have some existence of racism within them.
What did you find interesting? What I found interesting is that that the story is a fictionalization of actual events. I also found it interesting how recognition for the Black Movement derived from a murder.
What is the main idea? The main idea of the story is self-examination of the human condition that exists within us.
human condition being suffering caused by the mental...
The end:
.....tudent Nonviolent Coordinating Committee done by the mid- 1960s? There were many individual and small group responses that were non-violent that supports of the SNCC took part in. An example was not accepting the signage of for whites only or blacks enter in the rear. It was these small acts of strength and self-worth that infiltrated white America and ended the above board racist exclusions (Tyson, 2004).
What occurred in 1972 in NC for the first time since reconstruction? In 1972 the governor’s race in NC elected the first republican governor since the Reconstruction Act. James
became the first Republican governor of the state of NC in the 20th Century.
Tyson, T.B. Blood Done Sign My Name. New York: Random House, 2004.