Race: A Word that Should be Removed from the English language


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Race: A Word that Should be Removed from the English language
As Abraham Heschel once stated, racism is man's gravest threat to men, in other words, the maximum hatred to the minimum of reason. To avoid ongoing division between people, communities and nations, therefore, the word 'race' should be expunged from the English language. The idea of race has divided the world. Humanity could be like a mirror where people identify themselves in each other, but race has broken this mirror. Individuals are unable to bind the mirror together so that humanity can remain as one people, forging a reflection of beauty and love together. We, as humans, are responsible for this distortion.
In developed nations, laws exist to prevent acts of hatred and...
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.....low human beings to forge a uniquely positive point of view, employing common-sense, democratic principles, and the ability to transcend the limitations imposed by racism. In this way, all people, but especially people of colour, need to be able to engage a new level of peace leadership in the world, which can become transformative when these methods of societal engagement are directed towards the service of emancipating systemically entrenched attitudes, behaviours, and ideas. By stepping outside of the societal role to which we have relegated ourselves, and pushing the boundaries of expected behaviour regarding race, individuals affected by racism can turn the mirror back on the world to challenge the current normative structures of race.