Questions on International Politics


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Questions on International Politics
Question 1:
The importance of social power as a guideline for regulations and legal standards is important through the individual’s capacity to network these ideas as a moral or ethical order. Social power is essential to the ruling order in that it provides a context in which these rules can be achieved through differing means of conduct.
defines this important source of individual identity as it constructs the way that social power is exhibited within the global community:
Thus, effective power lies in the capacity of the social individual to mobilize and participate in a social network, appeal to “public opinion”—an even larger social network—and ensure transparency—public visibility—for her...
The end:
.....e identities and interest (based on survival) (Golding 141), which alter relations between human beings. Wendt would argue that man-made ideas about governance are choices made though a structured course of action, but also within the anarchy that Nature provides in the unpredictable conflict that arises between two forces. This is how international structures of identity and interest define a more structured form of choice in the way that governments apply “anarchy”, rather than it being an evolutionary state of Nature as absolutist argument by the Realists.
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