Questions on Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Rome


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Questions on Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Rome
Question 1
Egypt and Mesopotamia were similar in many ways. Firstly, both civilizations were founded in river valleys, withEgypt centering on the Nile River Valley and ancient Mesopotamia centering on the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (the Fertile Crescent). Because water played such an important role in the life of these civilizations, and because water was a capricious force (given to sudden and unexplained drought, flooding, etc.) both Egypt and Mesopotamia worked out a religious system in which divinity was closely connected to water. Scholars such as Hooke (21) have called attention to the importance of flooding as a central concept in Mesopotamian civilization and thought....
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.....Rome went from being the only city-state of its kind in the world to being one of many empires, destined to tread the same roads and adopt the same trajectories. With pride in Roman tradition giving way to greed for power and expansion, Rome fostered innumerable lunatics (Caligula and Nero come to mind) whose activities degraded the once-noble idea of Rome, and made Rome a name to be feared rather than admired in the ancient world.
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