Questions for Learning Theory


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Questions for Learning Theory
Question 1:
A student might develop a variety of classically conditioned responses to college classes through a few examples. One example might be a student that has been conditioned to watch the clock in order to know when the class might be over. Since lectures during certain classroom activities might seem boring or latent with burdensome details, the student might be conditioned to watch the clock in order to gauge when the lecture will be over. The stimulus of time on the clock acts as a way to resolve the painful learning process in which they are forced to sit in a room with other students. While the student may be watching for the time of the class to end, the stimulus of the moving minute and second...
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.....son might even forget that they had eaten sushi numerous times before, they might still be unable to extinguish this one event from their mind. This is another way in which a human being as a biological predisposition to hold onto negative events like this one, and to have a very difficult time eating this type of food again.
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