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Questions and Answers: Top of Form
PPPA 8380 week 2 question A order # C29649
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Linda Moore
16 Dec 09  12:21 PM MST
,I agree, in concept, with your statement that the public sector is underfunded. I think there are pockets of funding that are not necessary and the funding has become rote, without evaluation or effectiveness. This does not serve anyone other than to maintain employment and program stability for the managers and users of the program. This funding needs to be re-directed.I believe funding is only a symptom of a greater problem. I do not suggest that my organization is approaching perfection, since surely we are not. But, we practice values based budgeting which means we fund what we have declared as of...
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..... you’ve written, but to express a worry of mine. The more technology I obtain, and the more technology I deal with, the less I get done. Part of the problem is constant access to the Internet, which has really been messing with my work-life balance (or what Johnson 2009, p. 1 calls “the misrecognition of leisure. “When you’re online, it’s not easy to draw a line between Internet access for work and Internet access that wastes time (like checking email ten times a day). I think you may be more disciplined than me in this regard. Whatever the case, I’ve resolved to try to draw a better line between my work and leisurely use of the Internet.
Johnson, N.F. (2009). The multiplicities of Internet addiction.