Question for Amadeus


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The beginning:
Question for Amadeus
Some musicals are brilliantly presented stories that illicit thoughtful inquiry.  The musical is a story about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was an exquisitely talented man.  This man’s self image was plagued by an unrealistic need for approval and an insurmountable ego.  Amadeus is a story riddled of bitterness that is weaved with betrayal and jealously.  The story illustrates a time of nobles, kings, and popes.  With a religious connotation, the story represents a man’s question of faith (Haskins, 2010).  
The story is shadowed by a romantic, yet hedonistic sense with angry accusations riddled with obscenities.  The aura presents violence and drunkenness, covetousness and envy.  The artist in this musical provokes...
The end:
.....aper has presented a question to Amadeus and provided an elaborate and thoughtful answer to the philosophical inquiry.  
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