Question 1. Wife Abuse and Canada’s Criminal Justice


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Question 1. Wife Abuse and Canada’s Criminal Justice
The recognition of wife abuse as an act of violence in the eyes of criminal justice was a long process. Despite many changes in the Canadian legislature regarding women, only past decades have seen substantial changes in the legal views on the violence against wives. Many social relationships between the genders had to be challenged in order to achieve better, but still not full, protection of wives within the criminal justice. To fully understand current effectiveness of Canada’s criminal justice system in regards to wife abuse, the historic changes in the legislature and responses to them will be outlined. Particular attention will be placed on the changes dating from the last decades...
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.....sponsibilities of both parents making them each equally responsible for both ‘homemaking’ and ‘breadwinning’. Soon form the private sphere the influence moved to the workplace where the legal system established the equal- opportunity rights for women in any profession and deemed sexual harassment as one form of discrimination on sexual basis. The recognition of existence of gender discrimination within the Charter was also a significant victory for the liberal feminist.    
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