Queer as a Concept: Potentialities and Limitations


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The beginning:
Queer as a Concept: Potentialities and Limitations
This paper is a proposal for a larger research paper examining the concept of “queer” – its possibilities and its limitations. The essay question, the subject matter, the tentative thesis, the main questions, and the outline of the final paper will all be disclosed below.
The essay question chosen
What are the possibilities and limitations of “queer” as a concept? In a related vein, how might the term “queer” reinforce hetero-normativity?
The subject of the final research paper
The subject of the final paper will explore the potentialities of the term, “queer,” what limitations can be (or are being) applied to this concept, and how the mere use of the word “queer” could...
The end:
.....ions – or it must come up with useful synonyms that still capture the essence of the gay lifestyle.
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