Quality Management


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Quality Management
Q1. Describe the quality control implications of the major changes that have taken place in food chains today compared to the past.
Customer satisfaction with the food supply chain is founded in quality and safety of the supply of food. There are various methodologies employed to keep the integrity of quality and safety of our food no matter what country it comes from.
Benchmarking is a continuous review of the food supply chain so that improvements can be identified and deficiencies eliminated. Total quality management is another approach to improving the quality and performance of food producers so that the food filtering through the supply chain exceeds customer expectations. TQM is a overall quality measurement....
The end:
.....Integrating this information is about the process of supply. The process goes through the supply chain so that valuable data is shared. This valuable data entails demand signals, forecasts, inventory, transportation and collaboration. Ms. Williams will also have to be aware of inventory management. The heart of
problem is quantity and location of inventory. This includes raw materials, WIP and the storage of finished products. Part of supply chain management is cash flow. Arranging payment terms and the movement of materials and goods for money is the function of the supply chain execution.
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