Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare: Improving Hospital Health Care


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Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare: Improving Hospital Health Care
You are the CEO of a 250 bed hospital and this report has just been released what would your position be on how you can make your facility error free.
Making a facility safe involves creating a culture of expectation wherein people are compelled or pressured (if that is not too strong of a word) to look at optimizing health safety within the facility. Thus, orientation for new hires emphasizes the need for careful attention to detail in such matters as clean-up; waste disposal; patient care; and personal hygiene when on the job. At the same time, in keeping with the spirit of the 1999 report that stressed the problems within the healthcare sector, it is imperative that...
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.....ing safety problems can be done by making demands of nursing professionals that a lot of people tend not to make. For one thing, any patient must immediately ask a nurse if he or she is following proper industry protocols when it comes to administering drugs or when it comes to administering dietary supplements; asking about how waste is handled or what hygiene requirements are is also important. Furthermore, if at all possible, a patient should look at investigating which hospitals in the local area have the best safety records; once that is known, going to the right place is a huge step forward in reducing incidents because it places pressure on other hospitals that are losing patients via such attrition to reconsider what they are doing.