Qualitative Critique of an Article


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Qualitative Critique of an Article
The nursing profession is plagued by such persistent issues as a global nursing shortage as well as a generally negative image of nurses. Those issues are exacerbated by other issues within nursing such as racism and its resultant oppression and discrimination, along with horizontal violence and other problems (Giddings, 2005). In addition, it seems that little headway has been made in addressing these systemic issues. When it is considered that minority nurses have deep intentionality to care and are hindered in their commitment by other nurses, the reality of Giddings’ exploration of the meta-story of not fitting in to nursing can be viewed in the context of overall deprivation in which the...
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.....emonstrated that practices such as discrimination and horizontal violence are social injustices which are an accepted aspect of practice because they are systemic and embedded in the entire structure of the health care system. Because that social injustice exists, mainstream nurses feel free to engage in exploitation and abuse. There are no simple solutions to the issue beyond exposing it and, as suggested by the nurses in the study, changing the ratio of mainstream versus minority nurses. The study is valuable because it reveals the experiences of marginalized nurses and also the potential danger to patients.
Giddings, L.S. (2005). Health disparities, social injustice, and the culture of nursing. Nursing Research, 54(5), 304-312.