Q & A: Blood Sign My Name


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Q & A: Blood Sign My Name
After reading the text, what are your opinions concerning Dr. Tyson's views on the movement and on race? 
Tyson’s views on the Black Movement and on race in general are that people in communities individually and then collectively are the only ones who can create social change. In short this means that you can only help those who help themselves. With that said is the exploitation of Blacks fair? No, exploitation is not fair for any race, but Tyson makes a very real and honest point that if you don’t like your life change it and eventually others will begin to want what you have acquired and they will begin to change their life (Tyson, 2004). 
Why do most people 'sit on the sidelines?' (page 247)
People sit on...
The end:
.....ery in which they came. I also found it interesting the way Tyson dealt with the tour guide who even when prompted to discuss slavery at the plantation stay the course and talked about the good things about plantation life. I was amazed at the programming of Tyson in how to behave as a southerner and not appear as a meddlesome Yankee (Tyson, 2004).   What is the main idea? Where is it going?
The main idea of the story is that change comes form within one person at a time and then it spreads to the community level. Where is this truth going? The truth that change is a slow process is moving forward sometimes quickly sometimes slowly but it is always moving forward. 
Tyson, T.B. Blood Done Sign My Name. New York: Random House, 2004.