Purpose and Meaning in Life


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The beginning:
Purpose and Meaning in Life
One of the basic questions that all human beings ask themselves concerns what is the purpose of life. And when it comes to answering this fundamental question in life, there are different ways that people go about it.
Realization and Actualization of Personal Potential
For many people, answering the basic question of purpose in life and developing a sense of purpose is all about realization of personal potential, a type of Maslow self-actualization process (Coon and Mitterer 338). And for many people, this is often viewed in terms of academic and professional achievements, the accumulation of wealth and power, or things like fame and notoriety. But whatever the focus may be, people who pursue a sense of purpose...
The end:
.....it is a meaning and purpose that will be passed on to others; and it can even be passed on to those who will come to live long after my life has passed away. So, meaning and purpose in life to me is about a legacy that I leave, not a temporary mark that I make to impress others about how great I am.
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