Public Transit in Ontario


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Public Transit in Ontario
Introduction to the Issue
As cities grow bigger and the number of privately owned vehicles increases at a nearly exponential rate, it becomes more difficult to effectively move people around the ever-growing urban environment. This is more true than ever in the City of Toronto, where provincial funding has been cut off from the provision of public transit. This, in turn, leads to traffic jams, increases in pollution, and unsustainable use of natural resources. The thesis of this essay is that a publicly-funded transit system is a reasonable or even fundamental expectation which citizens should have within our democracy in Ontario today. The reasoning behind this thesis is that without public funding, transit...
The end:
.....vernight, but through proper transportation planning, public transit systems can start helping cities turn the corner towards a healthier urban and suburban metro Toronto environment. For these reasons, it is in the best interests of both the government of Ontario and the people of this province to invest in public transit infrastructure in the short term to avoid problems in the long term. References
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