Public Relations in the New Media, Globalization, and Media Integration


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The beginning:
An Analysis of Public Relations in the New Media, Globalization, and Media Integration for Non-Profit Environmentalism and the Fashion Industry 
This study will analyze the new media of the internet (blogs, tweeter, and other outlets) and the global communications that PR advocates encourage in the new globalized marketplace. By having access to technologies that promote environmentalist or fashion standards within a PR campaign, the far reaching connections that the internet provide allow greater accessibility to information on ‘green’ policy debates. While many of the more interactive aspects of internet relations development occur, there is a more diverse need for media integration through organizational website and other marketing...
The end:
.....ides an internal use of the internet, as well as the direct action involved in external promotional tools that help fashion industry PR representatives to get their voice heard in to a wider audience through fashion shows and other community meetings. The use of new media is essential for non-profit organizations because it gives them a means of communication through internet, which provide an unlimited and unrestricted global audience to express their environmentalist message. 
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