Public Health and Social Justice


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Public Health and Social Justice
It is interesting to note that, just as the current global swine flu crisis brings the importance of Public Health into the news headlines, one can go back in history and compare how the health issues that affect a society are all too often impacted by the ability to pay, rather than actual need.
Hamlin’s article tells a story of conflict among authorities as to the relevant information needed concerning causes of death. Today, it is commonplace to have such information available for public health issues, especially in greater urbanization and increasing populations, not to mention the under-utilization of health care services by the poor. Hamlin (1995) begins his article with the conflict: “The conflict...
The end:
.....-off between the protection of civil rights and effective public health interventions” (
Civil rights was never an issue in Nineteenth Century Britain. It should have been in eliminating the class distinction for gathering and utilizing statistics. But, today, in the 21st Century there still is a problem with the right of the public to determine what is best in the area of “Public” Health. Too many people tend to emphasize “health” and forget the equally important word “Public” which encompasses the social justice priority of the system.
, George J.: “
, Public Health and Civil
Hamlin, Christopher: “Could You Starve to Death in England
In 1839?” American Journal of Public Health, June 1995