Psychopharmacology Articles Review


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Psychopharmacology Articles Review
Sepideh Azartash's paper is entitled “Substance Dependency & Prescription Medication.” It opens with a well-written abstract in which the writer recalls the existing controversy concerning the misuse of prescription medications in the general context of substance dependency. Focus is specifically upon adolescent misuse of prescription drugs, which are seen to be a growing worldwide issue even approaching the scale of illicit drug use, and which are likely to become an even bigger public health problem in the future. Suggests that greater advertising and availability of such drugs contributes to the problem, but does not follow up on this insight. He recognizes that some adolescents see such drugs as a...
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.....ious treatment options of a medical and non-medical (therapeutic) nature. Deals with the controversy of medication for ADHD (via Ritalin, etc.) and focuses mainly on non-medical treatments. Contains interesting discussion of often overlooked methodologies such as peer-based, self-based and adult-mediated intervention therapy. Notes that peer tutoring, token reinforcement, strategy instruction and self-monitoring are among the most effective non-medical treatments for childhood ADHD, but admits that more research in all non-medical strategies is needed. Argues that while medication can produce short-term benefits for serious ADHD, it fails to provide the individual with needed long-term coping skills. Contains six references, well formatted.