Psychology Essay: Do We Help Others More When We are Alone?


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Psychology Essay: Do We Help Others More When We are Alone?
Would people be more willing to help others if they were alone than if they were in company? The research question is a fascinating one, as it touches upon several important points in psychology and social psychology. Would there be a greater social pressure to offer help in the presence of others? Or would the social pressure and urgency in fact be greater when alone, as the potential helper would know that no one else was available and be more sensitive to censure by the person in need of help?
We decided to explore this research question in an empirical test precisely because the question, as posed, is not answerable solely by theory. Conflicting theories can be...
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.....ant gulf between our ‘alone’ and ‘together’ questions, both serially and collectively, at CI levels that left no doubt that the difference in means was important. Various means calculations verified our hypothesis in detail.
Future tests would do attention to pay more attention to the psychometrics of such testing, because it is possible that the difference between answers may come down to some variable other than the one being tested (for example, a man might be more willing to help a woman in a certain scenario). It would also be interesting to see the results of this research question explored via a more interactive experiment.
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