Provincial Budgets in Canada


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Provincial Budgets in Canada
Canada is a large country in which three levels of government exist. These are the Federal government for the entire country, Provincial governments for each of the provinces and municipal governments within provinces. Each of these levels of government has different financial resources and these affect their budgetary systems.
In this essay it will be argued that the differences in the provincial economies compared with the Canadian economy as a whole result do effect provincial budgeting. This argument will be based on the argument that provincial governments have access to two different funding sources. Provincial governments also make expenditures to two different sources. Since provincial governments...
The end:
.....and two major types of expenditures. The fact that each of the provinces has different population characteristics and economic resources means that they have different financial needs. The fact that each of the revenue sources and each of the expenditures can be different in each province means that the ratio of revenues and expenditures can be significantly different in each province.
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