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The beginning:
Proverb Narrative
There are many proverbs that tell us how we should live our lives. The proverbs can be converted into stories quite easily. To prove this point this essay will take a popular proverb and make into a story.
The proverb that will be examined will be “a bad penny always comes back”(Madan 8). This proverb is basically a warning against trying to pass off a problem. The problem will always return to the one who passed it off.
Using this proverb as a starting point we can create an interesting story. The story concerns a man named Mark. Mark is a politician. As a politician Mark’s job is dependent upon his public image. Mark has created the image of a perfect man who is well educated, charming, sophisticated and a good...
The end: and told his story. It took about a month to get everything sorted out. When everything was sorted out the press conference was arranged to set the record straight.
Mark realized that he was in trouble. But, he had even worse news. The police commissioner took the stage. He informed the media that the police were on their way to arrest
Mark. This was the day that Mark’s political career ended.
In conclusion, this story was use the proverb “a bad penny always comes back”(Madan 8). Mark had a problem and instead of dealing with it he tried to pass it on to someone else. In the end the problem came back and ruined his life.
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