Prolepsis and Foreshadowing in Wide Sargasso Sea


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The beginning:
Prolepsis and Foreshadowing in Wide Sargasso Sea
Wide Sargasso Sea is the haunting tale of a woman with deep-seated psychological problems who, married to a thoughtless and distant husband, eventually goes over the edge into the abyss of insanity. The next several pages will look at prolepsis and foreshadowing by focusing upon the manner in which both devices point us towards the tragic end that awaits Antoinette.
To commence, a prophetic dream illuminates the unhappy marriage that will destroy the remaining shreds of Antoinette’s dignity; this bit of prolepsis suggests something dark and malevolent about Rochester and also says something most unpleasant about the entire colonial experience. From there, the paper will briefly discuss the...
The end:
.....isions and anxiety that steadily drags Antoinette under the waves.
In closing, we have in this story a classic instance of an author endeavouring to make it clear to one and all that Antoinette is trapped – trapped by her own genetic predisposition to madness, trapped by her husband, trapped by the colour of her skin, trapped by her society, and trapped by the lack of love in a loveless relationship. Reviewing the text, we see that Rhys alternates between prolepsis and foreshadowing: at times, she starkly portrays the future as it will unfold; at other times, she merely darkly hints at what is to come. In the end, however, she crafts a book of great power.
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