Project Costs and Risk Assessment of Environmental Program


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Project Costs and Risk Assessment of Environmental Program
Project Costs
The objective of this project, within the typical parameters of “scope, schedule and cost,” is to develop and implement an office-wide recycling and environmental awareness program within 5 months of acceptance of the proposal (Gido & Clements, 2009, p.115). While it is very attractive for a company to go green, the associated costs will often prevent a corporation from doing so (Seglin, 1999, p. 30). As mentioned in the project proposal, cost is the most obvious constraint on this project, and therefore, expenses will be limited wherever possible (Project Proposa1, p. 4).
Because this project is relatively low-budget, most of the costs associated with it will be...
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.....ion. Perhaps some form of incentive to the employees, a catered lunch, for example, would be appropriate if a certain participation level is achieved.
This project, like most all projects, faces risks to its success. The possibilities mentioned above present real dangers to the development and implementation of the office-wide recycling and environmental awareness program. However, with appropriate contingency plans in place to manage such risks, the dangers of loss or project failure are substantially mitigated.
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