Product Overview: Cannacord Capital


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Product Overview: Cannacord Capital
Cannacord Capital is a service firm. As such, although it has products it is more intensely specialized in the development of valuable services for its clientele. The company’s strengths include their ability to serve more than a quarter of the Canadian market, with additional service provision worldwide. Cannacord Capital considers innovative financial services development to be its foremost strategy, and the company has made it their goal to introduce what they identify as ‘industry firsts’ to the financial services marketplace. The company’s size and scale translate into significant resources to fund growth opportunities. Cannacord Capital has been able to learn from its market, apply...
The end: that I could continue to be highly aware of the ways in which my company’s competitors were positioning their products so that I might be able to differentiate my own and detail the benefits of working with me.
I would feel very confident in selling the products and services I have written about because this company has created a competitive advantage in the fact that it has developed a strong consumer following in Canada and a brand which has provided Canadians with a symbol of financial strength and integrity. This has allowed Cannacord Capital to build trust within its consumer base, which means that the companies and individuals who use their services are more likely to stay with the company during the most difficult financial times.