Private Military Companies (PMC) in the Context of Just War Theory (JWT)


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Private Military Companies (PMC) in the Context of Just War Theory (JWT)
The article selected for review for this investigation was written by Pattison and focuses on the use of private military companies (PMC) in the context of just war theory (JWT). Specifically, the author seeks to examine the ethical issues of using PMCs under the framework of just war theory. Pattison argues that there are three specific aspects of PMCs which can be reviewed through the application to JWT. These include: the use of private military companies under the principle of right intention, the application of the principle of legitimate authority for PMCs and the jus in bello principle of discrimination (143-4). Through a careful review of each of these issues,...
The end:
.....just war theory appears to be a step in the wrong direction. In creating an environment for the ethical engagement in war, perhaps proposed solutions such as PMCs should be reviewed to determine if they meet the criteria of just war theory. Rethinking the theory appears to do nothing more than justify the use of unethical principles in engaging in war. Thus, while the analysis provided by Pattison is indeed salient, the recommendations made do not appear to have notable worth for improving engagement in war and ensuring that a high level of ethical and moral conduct remain integral to this practice.
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Pattison, James. "Just War Theory and the Privatization of Military Force." Ethics and International Affairs 22.2, (2008): 143-162.