Prison Term Policy Recommendation


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Prison Term Policy Recommendation
This paper shall review hypothetical enhanced sentencing legislation for doubling the prison sentences of armed robbery offenders. The statistical data of increased prison terms is reviewed with respect to the reduction of the rate of crime. There is a review of the negative implications of increased prison terms and prison overcrowding. The alternatives and potential solutions to prison overcrowding are reviewed. The other potential negative implications of violation of constitutionally protected due process rights are discussed. Finally there is a recommendation on the proper course to take regarding the proposed legislation.
Prison Term Policy Recommendation
The enormous popularity of “tough on...
The end:
.....l negative implications and there are adequate measures that can be legislatively undertaken to avoid those as well. It would be consistent with the collective will of the electorate to support legislation doubling the prison sentences for offenders committing armed robbery, provide the cautions outlined above are headed.
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