Primary Source Analysis: The Social History of Canada


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The beginning:
Primary Source Analysis: The Social History of Canada
The following paper looks at a primary source - this one entitled, “The feminine mystique,” by Betty Friedan – and will offer a short explanation of the historical context that frames the source; will offer a brief summary of the source; and will conclude by offering a two page essay analyzing the historical insight provided by the source. In the end, reviewing Friedan’s work, even if its concerns seem somewhat dated given the position that women now hold today in North American society relative to the one they held in the 1950s, allows us to see the factors that prompted the emergence of the modern feminist movement.
Historical context of the source
The feminine mystique...
The end:
.....s doing social historians a favour. However, the historical insight offered by the source goes further than simply capturing the anger of an intelligent woman who believes that her station is below her real capabilities: it also captures how women like Friedan wanted “pay-back” – against men and, possibly, against children, too. After all, both – in their respective ways – kept women “down” in 1950s America. All in all, the source does a good job of showing us how women were putatively marginalized in 1950s America and allows us a glimpse into the psychology of early contemporary feminism.
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