Primary Source Analysis: Letters to R.B. Bennett


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Primary Source Analysis: Letters to R.B. Bennett
Historical Period
The historical period addressed is the 1930s. But more important than the date is the circumstance of the period. Meaning that, the letters are written in the midst of the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a world-wide event which saw the stock-markets collapse and money depreciate significantly. The relative prosperity of western North America – and in the case of these letters, Canada – was severely tested: many who had never known depravations and hardship became all too familiar with the lurking threats of poverty and despair. One of the most important factors in the Great Depression was the helplessness of those affected. The social assistance that Canadians...
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.....n of social assistance. The letters to R.B. Bennett are most important for understanding the need for social assistance in modern industrialized society. Certainly social assistance cannot be attributed completely to the Great Depression. Programs had long been in place to assist those in need of assistance. However, these programs had never been thoroughly organized or capable of providing for the masses that were in need of assistance during this modern economic collapse. The Great Depression forced both civilians and the state to realize that if money was to be the foundation of society there must be a certain amount reserved for when no new money was coming in. The human face behind this decision is found in the letters to R.B. Bennett.