Pricing Strategies and Market Structures


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This paper shall analyze different types of market structures in determining pricing and non-pricing strategies available to firms to maintain economic profits and sustain organizational growth.
Pricing Strategies and Market Structures
As Chief Executive Officer of Quasar Computers, there are a host of decisions to be made that will determine the success of the company. Quasar is set to introduce an all-optical notebook computer into the marketplace. Given the competitive nature of the market in which Quasar operates, there are a number of considerations and strategies available for the management to weigh and implement. Branded as the Neutron, the innovative computer uses high-speed optical conductors, making it almost five times...
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.....n computer.
The case outlines some common questions that arise when a company introduces a wholly new product into the marketplace. While Quasar enjoyed a monopoly for its Neutron computer in 2003, the patent protection afforded to the company only lasted three years. The company needed to set pricing levels at a point that optimized profits in the three years they held a monopoly and then needed to make the right investments in production improvements and new innovations to ensure the firm’s success in 2006 and beyond when they operated in an oligopoly market structure.
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