Preparation for Practice: Design Studio Project and Building for the Future


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The beginning:
Preparation for Practice: Design Studio Project and Building for the Future
This paper aims to come up with an appropriate plan for template for a new project that is focused on creating a research department for combating global warming or climate change. There are five main themes which must be explored and which will be explored over the next several pages; they are as follows: managing a small business, resources finances and technologies; self-management and appraisal of working practices; communications and presentation; and legal, statutory, contractual and procedural aspects of contemporary practice. In the end, proper practice requires that an architect have strong feedback loops in place, be respectful of the law and...
The end:
.....ust be followed, specifications as laid out by the law must be adhered to, and zoning permits must be zealously respected inasmuch as the legality of the project can never be allowed to fall into question simply because foolish oversights were made. At the end of the day, the focus must be entirely upon furnishing a facility that will serve as an entrepot for ideas on how to save our natural world from the harm currently being inflicted upon it by selfish and irresponsible human beings.
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