PR Firms and Think Tanks


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This paper shall discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the website from the Employment Policies Institute.
PR Firms and Think Tanks
The Employment Policies Institute ( was founded in 1991 as a non-profit research think tank devoted to studying and analyzing public policy issues as it pertains to employment and labor growth. The website explains, “EPI research has quantified the impact of new labor costs on job creation, explored the connection between entry-level employment and welfare reform, and analyzed the demographic distribution of mandated benefits.” Headquartered in Washington D.C., the Institute’s research publications articulate a conservative perspective on various employment-related topics. This can...
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.....verall labor market. However, the disingenuous part of EPI’s website and publications regards their lack of full disclosure. Were they to disclose that that Berman & Co. had established EPI and several other research tanks for large business lobbies, there would be a context readers could take from their publications. Sadly, Washington does not work this way. Instead prerogatives and motives are hidden and the public knows none the better.
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