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PPPA 8380
It is beyond a doubt that the current central government is strong, and that this strength is a function of Constitutional principles, specifically the Supremacy Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment. The Supremacy Clause makes federal law superior to state law, while the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits states from passing laws that “abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States" as defined by federal law, with its ultimate basis in the Constitution. Thus, to the extent that federal law has supremacy over state law, and to the extent that state law is powerless to enact laws that are at odds with federal law, central government is strengthened (because it is the organ directly empowered by federal law)....
The end:
.....neralissimo of a banana republic (Schlesiner 2004, p. 5). The framers did their best to counteract the human gravitation to individual and charismatic power, but human nature is winning.
Thus, I would create a triumvirate of Executives: three Presidents, obliged to be from at least two different parties, and a majority of whom would have to agree in order for their decisions on any affair to count. A lone executive is apparently too much of a temptation for the masses of people, who demand a strongman; this expedient would permanently deny them such a strongman, and remove the possibility of a cult of personality from taking over the Republic.
Schlesinger, A.M. (2004). The imperial presidency. New York: 
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt