Poverty is the Same All over the World


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Poverty is the Same All over the World
This paper is a reading response of our two course texts, John
, “Promises not kept” and Jennie Smith’s, “When the hands are many.” The basic theme I take away from these readings is very straight-forward: we live in a world
poverty is the same all around the globe – and it inevitably involves social policy failing to meet the demands and needs of suffering people from all around the globe. I believe that such a general theme links up with other topics discussed in this class because we have a circumstance in which the global order is far too often marked by asymmetry and by neo-liberal policies that simply entrench discrepancies and inequalities around the world and in every...
The end:
.....rings from the same causes. As we move into the new millennium, we can do a much better job of giving people a voice and a much better job of refusing to allow neo-liberal policies to control what happens to people across our planet. My own sense is that large supra-national organizations that pursue neo-liberal agendas, and local officials that pursue their own self-aggrandizement, are really one and the same: they are both cases where a democratic deficit exists that is made worse by the absence of any sort of meaningful feedback loop. People who live in poverty do so because the elites lack the capacity or the will to recognize their struggles. The way to overcome this is by empowering people through education and community mobilization.