Poverty and Demographic Trends


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The beginning:
Poverty and Demographic Trends  
Demography is defined as, “The scientific study of the size, composition, distribution, and patterns of change in human populations”(
 and Rosenberg 395). Demography can be used to study a number of environmental, economic and social justice issues.  This is because these issues will either cause demographic changes or will be the cause of these issues.
This essay will look at three different populations.  The first is Canada representing developed countries.  The second is Norway House an aboriginal community in Manitoba.  The final one is Jamaica representing a developing country.  It will be argued that Norway House shows demographic characteristics similar to Jamaica.  What this would seem to...
The end:
.....mographic data can be used to identify socio-economic issues.  In this essay we demonstrated that demographics in Norway House were similar to the conditions in Jamaica.
Appendix 1
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