Population Health, Primary Health Care and Health Promotion


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The beginning:
Population Health, Primary Health Care and Health Promotion
Welfare state: “The provision of publicly funded health and social welfare programs by federal and provincial governments” (
, 2008,p. 10).
Welfare state is intended to health and social welfare services when most urgently needed
Federal government: responsible for unemployment insurance and pensions
Provincial government: Public health programs and hospital care
Some programs funded through federal and provincial cost-sharing
Also, charitable organizations are involved
The Contribution of Nursing
The Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada (VON)
Responds to changing health needs in Canada
Provides a range of services based on unmet needs
Public health...
The end:
.....ll provide employment and new social status.
Most of all, a co-op will give the community control over their health and lives
Having a co-op also will increase self-esteem and overcome the problem of blaming the victim
Nutrition can be improved in schools through good snacks and various programs
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