Population Density – Canada and the US


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Population Density – Canada and the US
This paper will look at the population density of Canada’s southern region and the US coastlines through the use of maps and graphs. Population in Canada is of particularly note because Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, and yet its population is only about 33+ million, and this population is concentrated along the southern border with the United States. The US population on the other hand is ranked third in the world in terms of land mass, but there is a population of over 290 million. The US population is based mainly around the coastlines, and the inter-land is sparsely populated. This may be due to the mountain formations inland, as well as the fact that inland the temperatures...
The end:
.....tudies that could be conducted to determine ways in which the unoccupied land can be put to some significant use.
Figure 1: Canada Population Graph
Figure 2: Canada Population Map
Figure 3: US Population Map Source: http://www.mapsofnewmexico.com/AccordianTabs/USAMapsandGuides/USApop.php
Figure 4: US Population GraphSource: http://www.census-charts.com/Population/pop-us-1790-2000.html
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