Political Science: The United States Government


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Political Science: The United States Government
COMMITTEE SYSTEMS in the United States Government are largely responsible for passage of legislation and what they accomplish. This is an ideal working system, accomplished by specific duties being performed by representatives that are specially trained and knowledgeable in their specific fields. Realistically, any analysis of Congress gives a prominent position to the roles each elected official plays, however the emphasis in Committee research does in fact lie within Congress. Committees have been described as the primary organizational device whereby legislatures can accommodate an increase in the number of bills being introduced. It works for the government, because it helps the process...
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.....mocratic and does not fairly include equal power for each of the citizens in the United States. The composition is made of a balance of the entire membership of both Congress bodies, plus three electors given to the District of Columbia, totaling at present 538 electors. Though a state may only have a small population, they are still entitled to two senators, which is not an equitable distribution of votes to population of citizens. Nevertheless, this provision provides power to states that may have resources, but no population.
The Electoral College votes for the President of the United States. This recently created complexity for the United States in 2004, when Al Gore won the popular vote, but was unable to capture the Electoral College.