Political Science Questions


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Political Science Questions
1)Why can we state the individual property owner is placed at the center of liberal ideology?
Liberalism holds that the rational individual is the center of the world – of the universe, really. According to liberalism, we all have access to reason and can, therefore, realize our happiness; happiness, it may be said, is achieved through the full consumption of nature. Property is something that we can consume and it is ours to consume; to be happy, we must own things that we can consume. With the above in mind, it stands to reason that we must have things we can own and possess and use as we see fit since we have the capacity to understand what makes us happy; happiness cannot be imposed by others but is...
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.....dly believe that human rights are not really human rights until people are given a greater standard of living than previous generations believed the state owed its citizens. In the end, it may be argued that equality of outcome becomes more important under this approach than it does under an approach where people are simply expected to be given the same general access to certain fundamental rights – and nothing more than that.
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