Political Progressivism in 1912 and the Election of 1912


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Political Progressivism in 1912 and the Election of 1912
The 1912 election stands out as one of the most crucial elections in American history due to the introduction of a more progressive agenda in American politics, and the paradox that resulted from the Progressive mindset. This paper will examine the main ideas that represented political progressivism in 1912 and examine the resulting election of 1912.
The Tenets of Political Progressivism
The Election of 1912 has been called an election that changed American politics forever, and how Americans view their candidates in a public forum (Milkis, 2002). When Theodore Roosevelt left the Republican Party and formed a new party, the “Bull Moose Party,” which was his name for a...
The end:
.....s for this are complex, it is clear that special interests and funding play a large part in the political system and we can see that from 1912 to the present day, the problem has only become more complicated. It remains to be seen whether this problem will ever be resolved, or whether it will continue to spin out of control.
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