Political Economy Perspectives


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Economics 123
1 July 2011
Political Economy Perspectives
A.The gap in industrial development and income between the U.S. and Mexico has widened with time due to the severe dearth of progressive policymaking on both sides of the border. The U.S. has always thought of Mexico in terms of a resource basket and as a simultaneously source of problems. This dichotomy in perspectives has rendered the approach taken by the U.S. to its policies and agreements with Mexico to be just as shortsighted and narrow in scope. The entire 20th century was characterized by the flow of illegal aliens and illicit drugs from Mexico into the U.S. On a fundamental level, both broad channels of resources...
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.....ber of factors. One of the overlaying reasons was the fact that the government had been “asleep at the wheel” far too long, being obsessed with oiling the war machine with incessant conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Derivatives were part of the problem as futures were doomed with the economic decline. Mortgage backed securities failed as they were based on an overinflated real estate market backed by faulty underwriting. Leveraged assets in general suffered as the American penchant for borrowing finally hit a tipping point. Many of the root causes of the recession remain without any realistic solutions. The fact that the global economy is so tied into the U.S. economy is a dubious aspect which does not bode well for global economic health.