Policies for Adults with Autism in Alberta and Ontario


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Policies for Adults with Autism in Alberta and Ontario
In both Alberta and Ontario, services for adults with autism can be placed into the following categories: (a) Medication, (b) psychotherapy, (c) counseling, and (d) behavioral or other home care intervention (Autism Ontario, 2006). Typically, in both of these provinces, autism in adults is diagnosed by either a psychiatrist or a psychologist, who then can initiate a care plan. Such a plan would typically include the prescription of medications and the provision of therapy. Therapy could take the form of formal psychotherapy administered by a professional trained in a branch of this field, or of a more informal kind of counseling administered by a social worker. Each of these kinds of...
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.....sionals and decentralize decisions about longer-term services and support to community-based organizations that are typically underfunded.
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