Point of View in Robert Olen Butler’s “Mr. Green”


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Point of View in Robert Olen Butler’s “Mr. Green”
In literature, the selection by the author of the point of view shapes the meaning that the reader obtains. For example, a story written with first person point of view can offer great insight into the mind and soul of the narrator, yet can limit the understanding of other external elements that shape the story. Similarly, the use of the third person can provide insight into the world in which a character exists, but it can also limit the unique personal aspects that the first person point of view provides. In the short story “Mr. Green” within Robert Olen Butler’s collection of short stories A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain, the author’s selection of the point of view significantly...
The end:
.....“Mr. Green”. Had the author selected the third person point of view, the external elements surrounding the experience of the Vietnamese-American woman may have even been more clearly drawn, yet the depth of emotion could not be established. The cultural support for male domination in the Vietnamese, and even in the Vietnamese-American culture is not shown, but experienced by the reader in “Mr. Green”. In Butler’s choice of the first person point of view, the author is able to give the reader a doorway of emotional experience to another world- a world in which the female, no matter how special can never have the power of the male.
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