Poetry Response in Gwendolyn Brooks’ “We Real Cool”


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The beginning:
Poetry Response in Gwendolyn Brooks' “We Real Cool”
Gwendolyn Brooks’ brief yet powerful poem entitled “We Real Cool” is written from the point of view of a group of pool players and bar-
. The poem is only thirty-two words long, and therefore much of its meaning and its imagery is left to the imagination of the reader. Although there are many different possible interpretations of this poem, I believe this poem is a cautionary tale, warning its readers of the dangers of living a life filled with drinking and partying and devoid of any education.
The poem begins with the speakers saying that they are “real cool” but as the poem progresses, their lifestyle reveals itself to be less cool and more tragic. All of the statements made are...
The end:
..... the speakers. The other line that was a bit confusing was the line “We jazz June”. Alone this sentence does not make grammatical sense, but I believe it is meant to portray more of a feeling; that of staying up late on hot summer nights in smoky Jazz clubs.
Even though Brooks’ poem is titled “We Real Cool” I believe the message being sent is that these people are in fact not cool at all. Granted they are good pool players and enjoy staying up late and drinking, but the final lines are a tragic reminder that such a party-oriented lifestyle can be an addiction and that it will ultimately cause an early death. What is most tragic is that the speakers have the capacity to at least acknowledge their fate, but are unable to do anything about it.