Poe’s “Annabel Lee”: A Great Poem


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Poe’s "Annabel Lee": A Great Poem
Annabel Lee is one of Edgar Allan Poe’s most arresting and unforgettable works. Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee is a work that is typified by the narrator emphasizing a magical, ethereal love that will endure forever; the imagery reinforces the heavenly components of the relationship and also captures the solemn dignity of Annabel Lee’s life and untimely death. The metre, iambic but not iambic pentameter appears aimed at reinforcing the constancy that defines the love the two central characters shared: just as true love is always there, through tempests and upheaval, the steady, even rhythm of the poem is always there, too. Last of all, the use of repetition, alliteration and anaphora in the work are also...
The end:
..... memorable and provocative. Furthermore, Poe deserves a great deal of credit for producing a poem that is deeply sensuous and sensual whilst always being elegantly refined and restrained; the heart-ache is evident, but the poem never descends into over-sentimentality — probably because the disciplined metre and the skilful use of alliteration and repetition never permits such a fault to arise. In the end, it is a great poem by a masterful literary craftsman.
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