Plain Sex as Correct Understating of Sex


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Plain Sex as Correct Understating of Sex
Philosophical inquires in sex have traditionally been explored within metaphysical, spiritual and/or moral frameworks. This was particularly evident in explorations of purpose of sex in human lives. This essay will argue that even though sex cannot be entirely separated from these three concepts, it is necessary to understand the essence of sex separately from these outside constrains because sexual desire exists outside of them. This view would give us a simple idea of the purpose of sex from which the morality of sexual desire and sexual acts can be evaluated. Thus the paper will argue for Goldman’s position and idea of ‘plain sex’ according to which “sexual desire is desire for contact with...
The end:
.....y shows other approaches to sex have neglected the basic function of sex while trying to explain it as a tool to reach an end, being it a expression of love, or having children or deliver a message that cannot be conveyed verbally. This however is not to be understood that sex does not have any meaning in these three cases. It is certainly connected with procreation, with love and is a way of communicating. But these factors are not necessary to have sexual relationship because our sexual desires exist even when these factors do not. As such, these factors cannot define sex. When we accept sex as a need to achieve human contact in order to satisfy a need, than we can explore what is and what is not morally acceptable sexual behavior.