Philosophy 152


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The beginning:
Philosophy 152 Course Project PART A
1. Identify the direction words you find in the nine questions in Part A of this project.
1) Identify6) WriteChoose, analyzeWrite
2) Use7) Find
3) State8) EvaluateQuote, evaluate
4) State, Explain9) Repeat
5) Choose 
2. Use one of the three active reading methods to read the essay.
Reading Inventory Method - “Why We Crave Hot Stuff” by Trina McQueen.
PREPARING TO READ The title suggests a snappy-writing academic going mainstream, which will tackle her topic with equal parts intelligence and sass. The readers will be educated and hip. I guess at first that the topic will be about hot food. Then I read the preamble before the essay, stating that McQueen is a distinguished journalist, with lots of...
The end:
.....ence would not be able to hear the show. The ACC’s acoustics would make it incomprehensible and the odds of the ACC selling out an opera production seem dim.
If we were to believe that there were an affinity between opera and hockey, then both genres of entertainment would be self-sustaining. Opera is an old and fascinating tradition, yet adrift in the Information Age. Hockey’s NHL has blossomed into a big league franchise, with a reliable fan base that keeps players’ wages high. If anything, opera and hockey have nothing in common, except an opera was written about hockey, perhaps in order to ride the coat tales of the NHL’s success. 
McKinley, Michael. “Opera Night in Canada,” Readers Choice. Toronto: Pearson Education, 2004.