Pharmacy Application Essay


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Pharmacy Application Essay
There are two important reasons that have compelled me to choose the field of pharmacy as my career choice. One is my blatant love of chemistry as an area of study. The other is my desire to affect the way people live, to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, in order to ease their pain and address their concerns. I have enjoyed chemistry as a discipline for several years now, since I was a young high school student, and became a biochemistry major in college, at the University of California, San Diego, three years ago. I attended high school in Hong Kong, where I grew up; the chemistry classes I took there were relatively basic, but they captured my attention as a combination of mathematical and...
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.....itals, and pharmacists and drug companies. I want to be a resource to the healthcare field to ease relationships between medical professionals, and to help teach upcoming pharmacists and doctors about the value of listening to each others’ concerns and ideas about their local healthcare systems and methods so as to advance their practices and the production of new and innovative forms of treatment. At the same time, I want to bring to these medical providers the knowledge I will have gained about the importance of understanding and trusting one’s patients in the same way that they should be able to trust their healthcare providers. There is no doubt in my mind that pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy is the first step in achieving these goals.