Pete Olsen as a Representative for the House


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Pete Olsen as a Representative for the House
My representative for the House of Representatives is the republican Pete Olson. He represents the 22nd district in Texas and has been a congressman for a little over two years. He hails from Seabrook, Texas and served as a member of the armed forces in Pensacola, Florida. He graduated from Rice in 1985 and majored in Computer Science. He received a JD from Texas in 1988. He also sits on a number of committees that include: House Transportation & Infrastructure, Science & Technology (Ranking Member, Space & Aeronautics Subcommittee) and Homeland Security. (Pete Olson, 2011) During his second term in congress (2009) he was recently appointed to by Republican Leadership...
The end:
..... a specific naval aircraft. Most often his voting reflected both his conservative views as well as the views of his constituents.
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