Persuasive Essay: Against Cell Phones


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Persuasive Essay: Against Cell Phones
Modern western culture is currently in the midst of a love affair with technology. We have allowed it to enter every facet of our lives, and we often feel that the entry of this technology is all for the better. In many cases, new technological devices do have a positive effect on many facets of our lives. They tend to make our daily duties more efficient, more accurate, and often times more enjoyable. However, there are a number of people who feel that this technology comes at a high price. In fact, many of these people believe that the negative side effects of all this technology far outweigh the good that they do for us. I am one of those people, and there is one device that I feel has had a much...
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.....rous. there are new studies and theories that having an electronic device so close to your brain may have adverse effects on one’s health. Others say this is a myth, but the scientific world is still not sure.
Cell phones are amazing, but they have had a mostly negative impact on our culture. This is the case because of the negative side effects of texting, people are addicted to them, and they have created an impatient culture. I know that in my own personal life, my cell phone has made me less patient and more disconnected from the real world. I am constantly burined in my phone rather than experiencing the real world. These are some of the major reasons that cell phones as one form of technology have had a negative impact on our culture.